Clash of Clans

August 2017
Experiential Activation
London, United Kingdom
1,000 - 5,000 Attendees
From BeCore
Bring the popular mobile game to life for their 5th Anniversary in major markets LA, NYC & London. Create working character structures that consumers can interact with and take photos of/with, alongside storytelling of the inspiration behind the Builder’s creations. The Builder headed out into the real world starting with Old Fulton Street near the Brooklyn Bridge. here he housed his Tesla Tower, a structure with connection ports for all sorts of devices.This installation helped Clashers on-the-go get much needed juice to keep Clashing and exploring the city. Since The Builder missed his friends, he also created a larger-than-life wooden structure of PEKKA that mysteriously showed up overnight along the Tesla Tower. Next, The Builder headed to The Observation Point on the South Bank of The River Thames. Here he helped Clashers beat the heat of summer with his Air Sweepers. Not only were they great for dispelling bombers, but they also functioned as giant fans to cool down Clashers on-the-go. The Builder also created Barbarian in a larger-than-life form. Lastly, the Builder headed to Surf City USA! The Builder created his friend, The Giant, that gazed over the horizon, alongside four water defenses in case any goblins tried to mess with him. The water defenses were set up near each other so people could duel and soak one another. These defenses helped Clashers cool off during the summer heat while having fun doing it. 250K+ total foot traffic/on-ground impressions
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London, NY & LA
London, United Kingdom
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