Amazon Comic Con

July 2019
Tradeshow / Expo Activation
San Diego, CA
5,000 - 20,000 Attendees
From CAT/ALINA Productions
We took a 60,000+ sq. ft. parking lot in Downtown San Diego and created a world that housed 3 unique immersive-theatre experiences for Amazon’s marquee shows The Boys, Carnival Row and The Expanse and built a 48ft Tower that served as a stage for actors and content. Catalina, in creative collaboration with Tool of NA, managed all production including permitting, engineering and fabrications, floorplans and all facilities. We also designed and built “The World” that included lounges, food areas and the Blue Room - the VIP area that housed a lounge and digital photo studio. We took on the creation of the registration site and subsequent line management that ushered over 14,000 people through the experiences. We hired and managed over 65 brand ambassadors who helped manage lines, greet attendees, reset activations, etc. Managed catering for all guests and VIPs over 5 days and 300 staffers for one month, and all facility needs including restroom, power, lighting, AV, wifi, HVAC, flooring, turfing, tenting, and a pop-up kitchen.
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors