Wish You Were Here

July 2019
Experiential Activation
Chicago, IL
5,000 - 20,000 Attendees
From Hfour Studio
Hfour was asked to create an art installation at ComplexCon Chicago 2019. We decided to keep it simple and create a chill space, or 'Self Charging Station', partly because we had only ten days to design, plan and install the experience. Having already seen the hectic and busy experience of ComplexCon in Long Beach, we decided to create a space to sit down and relax. But being Hfour, it was a requirement that it be vibrant, colourful, photogenic and memorable. We even integrated a scent through flowers to help further the relaxing experience. The highlight from the weekend was the marriage proposal that happened in front of our experience. Since we count that metric across all our experiences, that brings the total to two.
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