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The Event Planning company that goes well above the logistical work to bring you a thought provoking and immersive experience.






What has made our events magical over the last 10 years, is our ability to listen to you and create an experience based on your personality and style. Events and weddings will always be about you. We give you the meticulous attention to detail you deserve. You don’t compete for our attention, but we certainly compete with vendors and venues to ensure you get the absolute best. It’s a no stress type of relationship. Whether it’s a conference, a LGBT wedding or a charitable fundraiser, we pride ourselves on building experiences that are surrounded by the love we have for you. We believe that you are our family and we want to give you the royal treatment with custom made services to fit your needs. We are a boutique event management company which means we limit the amount of clients we take on each year to eliminate being overburden and decreasing our quality of service to you. What does this mean? We produce no more than two weddings each month and no more than 6 corporate or social events each month. This ensures you have quality service and adequate attention to your events. There is never anything more important to us than your event or wedding! Each of our previous clients can tell you how much they appreciate this style of service.



Health & Safety

Staff is vaccinated against COVID-19
Requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for event attendees

For all of our events we do ask that attendees and staff are either vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test 72 hour prior to attending an event. We do know that not all attendees may have access to the vaccine or unable to receive it due to medical reasons and therefore, having one of the two options above is a great prevention method at this time. We also encourage all of our clients to inform their guests to wearing a mask when not actively eating or drinking and to continue to maintain proper physical distancing between other attendees. Other CDC guidelines will remain in effect until otherwise stated.

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Do you work for Andrew Roby Events? Contact us to learn more about who's managing this profile or gain access.

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