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Muddling Memories: The Virtual Speakeasy

Brooklyn, NY
Virtual Mixology Class

Award winning mixologist, Cody Goldstein of Muddling Memories, has created a uniquely virtual drinking experience for you and your guests.

This highly interactive hour-long gathering hosted by one of our acclaimed mixologists, guides guests through fun tips and tricks of cocktail making while encouraging everyone to show off their bartending skills. Many of our past clients have said our experience is “the most fun they have had at a computer”.

Each attendee will receive a premium Speakeasy Kits that includes all the necessary bar ware, proprietary ingredients and garnishes to recreate our one-of-a-kind cocktails. Each kit comes with 2 unique recipes with 3 servings of each drink, 6 total (perfect for couples). Everything but the booze is included which allows the individuals to utilize and show off their home bar collection with their favorite spirits. Our recipes are "spirit flexible" meaning most liquor will work well.

We ship our kits directly to attendees nationwide. Contact us to learn about our customizable options and capabilities.


$105 per person

What's Included

Every Premium Kit includes the following: 10 oz Shaker Mixology Jigger Bar Spoon Metal Straw (4) 2 oz bottles with our signature ingredients Bitters Garnishes Recipe Cards


Corporate Branding is available to integrate your logo.

Pricing Details

Prices are not inclusive of shipping and tax.

Muddling Memories

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