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Virtual Mixology Class

Just because you're social distancing doesn't mean you can't be social! Cure your shutdown boredom with a private cocktail class & happy hour for your team, company or clients. Seasonal, Fiesta, Quarantini or Oak & Smoke menus!

The elements of a well-made cocktail work much like a team. Different spirits, liqueurs, sweeteners, and citrus combine to make an amazing drink. Understanding this synergy, and how the ingredients in a cocktail blend harmoniously together, makes cocktail classes the perfect team-building exercise. 

At the Hodde Bros Beverage Academy,...

$20 - $35 per person
$200 min

What's Included

Classes are led by certified mixologist, Darci Kendall. Attendees will learn the basic building blocks of bartending, how to prepare 3 different cocktails, and some simple tips & tricks for working with what you have at home. Registration includes online instruction, recipes, shopping & equipment lists, and additional resources. Attendees supply cocktail ingredients.   We’ll let you know what to bring ahead of time and how to prepare it. Everything will be available at your local grocery or liquor store, or from your favorite online retailer. We'll also provide you with a list of necessary tools (or stand-ins that can be found around the house). You can choose from one of our 5 menus - Seasonal, Fiesta, Quarantini, Oak & Smoke, and Low/No Proof. Select one, or do the whole series with your team. Each class is 1.5 hours -- 1 hr lesson & 1/2 hr happy hour. Guests can interact, ask questions, take polls, share laughs & connect. Hodde Bros Bingo is also included with all bookings!


- Bar Kit ($50/kit, plus $20 delivery fee. Advanced booking required.) - Cocktail Kit (Prices vary, $20 delivery fee. Includes ingredients for selected cocktails. Advanced booking required.) - Virtual Photo Booth - Additional Happy Hour Time ($50/hr)  - Additional Cocktail ($50)  - Custom Cocktail Menu ($150)  - Branded Cocktail Art ($5/attendee) 

Pricing Details

Classes start at $20pp with a $200 minimum (10 guests).  Discounts available for multi-class bookings and groups with 50 or more attendees.  For custom quotes, email [email protected]. Online payment available.

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