Chocolate Truffle Making Experience

TeamBonding - Better Teamwork. Happier Teams™

TeamBonding - Better Teamwork. Happier Teams™: Chocolate Truffle Making Experience

Multiple Locations
Virtual Chocolate Tasting

Includes a Luxury Truffle Making Kit

In this 90-minute long class, we’ll measure, melt, mix, chill, and roll truffles made with fair-trade cacao chocolate and local cream. Perfect for an afternoon experience of chocolate and creative fun with your team and/or your clients.

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What's Included

Hands-On Kits are elegantly designed to allow up to two participants – shipped directly to each participant’s doorstep and include: 1 pound of couverture fair-trade cacao chocolate Wisconsin sunflower oil, our caramel, or roasted hazelnuts 3 ingredients to roll truffles in, such as cocoa powder, dehydrated raspberries, or tiny chocolate chips recipe, instructions, troubleshooting, tips, and variations lots of love <3 You provide the cream (or raspberries) and excitement!