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We’ve always kept human connection at the center of what we do. As humans, we know that gifting IS a love language and we know that now more than ever, it’s time to build those personal connections between companies and people with.. virtual gifting!

What is virtual gifting?
To keep it simple, it’s the art of giving in the age of virtual conferences, working from home, and building connection while we’re all staying 6 feet apart! It’s a way to prioritize connection, amplify community, and keep your team feeling together!

Why virtual gifting?
How desperately are you missing the...

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What's Included

What virtual gifting can look like: • Mailing work from home essentials kits to your employees • Creating “Welcome Back to the Office” gifts to ensure your team knows their safety is key • Mailing swag for virtual conferences to boost excitement about events • Sending small tokens of appreciation to boost team morale when they need it most • Making specialty items for employee recognition to ensure individuals are celebrated • Staying engaged with clients by sending them personalized gifts so they know you’re thinking of them


How does virtual gifting work? Our team of Canary designers and creators will help you curate a custom kit, item, or series of swag! Our swag management teams can handle everything for you from working with our co-owed 200,000 sq foot warehouse to manage the kitting, storing and shipping, and ultimately ensuring that all distribution is handled seamlessly and securely to get packages to your recipients anywhere in the world! We can build you a secure microsite (complete with photography and copywriting), which will help serve as a Virtual Pop-up Shop if you’d like to give people shopping options! We can efficiently collect personal home addresses, send invites and gifts to anywhere in the world, write hand-written notes for gift packages, and even store items! The options are endless, and we are YES people. Have an idea? Let’s chat!

Pricing Details

We can work within any budget, time frame, or quantity!

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