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Best Corporate Events & High-Tech Team Building: Virtual Jeoparody

Palm Harbor, FL
Virtual Trivia Games

In our take on the classic television game show, your group will experience all the traditional elements of the game, using state of the art technology, graphics, and sound effects in a virtual environment with our engaging event facilitators.

What do you get when you combine state of the art technology, graphics, and sound effects presented to your group by our fun and engaging event facilitators? You get Virtual Jeoparody!

Virtual Jeoparody is our take on the classic television game show. With all the traditional elements of the game held in a virtual environment and our professional interactive host, your group will have the full game show experience. This game show is the perfect way to break up a day of lectures or kick off an orientation or event.

Our game show host is a professional facilitator who will keep the contestants engaged from the start, guiding topic selection, announcing leads, and encouraging competitive banter among the contestants.

Your group will be formed into teams who accumulate points together, but each participant will have the chance to ‘buzz in’ to respond using their personal apple or android device.

For the speediest contestant, correct answers will earn points for their team, and play will pass to the next person to buzz in if they answer incorrectly. Watch the energy rise as teammates cheer each other on to answer correctly. Just make sure they say their answer in the form of a question – because after all, this is Virtual Jeoparody.

Our program is customizable, and with five categories each round, you have the chance to provide questions in your own custom category that pertain to your company or team.


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What's Included

This friendly competition is fun and engaging, and = includes: A live professional game show host, game board and graphics, digital 'buzzer' system, and a library of fun game questions and content. We host our game shows on Zoom, but can also use the video conferencing platform of your choice. The ideal program run time is from 60 to up to 75 minutes. The game will include a variety of Jeopardy-style questions (History, Science, Sports, Pop Culture) or custom questions that you provide. Up to 10 custom questions (2 full categories) are included in standard pricing. Participants should log into the Zoom conference on a computer with the Zoom app downloaded and a reliable internet connection, and also have a second device to log into the game buzzer. This game is suitable for groups of 10 to 100. Ask us about accommodating larger groups as well!


Create a fully customized program with all your own themed content. Accommodate 100+ participants with multiple simultaneous games; tie the group together with a finale 'playoff' for the whole group.

Pricing Details

Please contact us for a quote. All pricing is based on the group size.