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Cooking Class: Homemade Bolognese Pasta

Cozymeal Cooking Classes

Cozymeal Cooking Classes: Cooking Class: Homemade Bolognese Pasta

Miami, FL
Virtual Cooking Class Teambuilding

Learn how to make fettuccine bolognese from scratch with the help of Chef Daniel.

Boxed pasta has nothing on the taste and texture of noodles made from scratch. Learn how to make homemade pasta in the comfort of your home in this virtual cooking class with Chef Daniel. He will teach you how to mix, roll, cut and cook perfect fettuccine noodles along with homemade chicken or beef bolognese. Chef Daniel will also show...

$39 per person

What's Included

Recipes: Recipes are sent in your booking confirmation. Ingredients: Ingredients can be adapted for dietary restrictions or lack of availability. Technology: Connect with the chef using Zoom on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Class Participation: Chime in with questions through audio or chat. Use of video is optional. Class Size: Class sizes are between 4 to 10 connections to ensure all guests can participate and ask questions. Event Duration: 1.5 hours