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In the Company of Killers

Mystery Cafe Virtual Dinner Theater

Mystery Cafe Virtual Dinner Theater: In the Company of Killers

Boston, MA
Virtual Team Building Game

Virtual Murder Mystery on Zoom

The Mystery Cafe is America's original murder mystery dinner theater featuring an original comedy play accompanied by a three-course dinner! Now that we are virtual, you will need to bring your own dinner.

Once you log onto the event you will be greeted by "the cast" who will welcome you to the evening's proceedings. You will interact...


What's Included

Arrive online for a virtual cocktail hour where you’ll enjoy live music and you’ll meet four of the most outlandish and interesting characters you’ve ever seen. Motives will pop up – clues will be discovered – and then —- a murder will occur! Who committed this terrible crime? That’s when the fun really begins. You’ll get to question suspects. You’ll get a chance to solve the crime. And you’ll all have the help of our comic detective guiding you all the way!

Pricing Details

$1,850 for up to 85 people