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Oyster Appreciation Masterclass

In A Half Shell

In A Half Shell: Oyster Appreciation Masterclass

New York, NY
Virtual Tastings

Up Your Half Shell Game and Know-How

Master the fundamentals of oyster appreciation, sharpen your oyster shucking skills (or acquire them for the first time), and hone your sense of taste with international oyster expert and educator Julie Qiu of In A Half Shell. This experience is designed to be illuminating and fun: walk away with practical knowledge that will improve...

$125 - $350 per person
$1,500 min

What's Included

Oyster kit that includes 18 (2-3 varieties) of fresh oysters, tasting journal, and event access.


$35 oyster knife + glove

Pricing Details

Price includes priority shipping of the oyster kit.

In A Half Shell

Entertainment | Speaker, New York, NY