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Side-by-side Coffee Tasting

Driftaway Coffee

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Driftaway Coffee: Side-by-side Coffee Tasting

Brooklyn, NY
Virtual Coffee Tasting

Have coffee with your colleagues, wherever you are! Wherever you happen to be working from these days, we can help you connect with each other over a unique virtual tasting experience over coffee!

Led by 2013 World Brewer’s Champion James McCarthy, these events are great to learn more about coffee - from how its grown, to how to taste it and best ways to brew the best cup at home! All participants get a Coffee Tasting kit. Driftaway Coffee Educator James will guide them through a side-by-side tasting of four coffees, by smelling and tasting the coffees, similar to how professionals taste (cupping).
Perfect for team-building or client appreciation. This is also our most popular virtual offering.


$40 - $48 per person
$100 min

What's Included

Our Virtual Tasting kits contain 5 pre-measured coffees for a side-by-side tasting, along with the necessary cups and forms, and an additional one pound of coffee to be enjoyed after the tasting. What people need at home: kettle or pot to heat water, two spoons, two mugs. They don't need a coffee maker or brewer.


A coffee grinder is preferred but not required. You can also add a grinder to send to some or all participants.

Pricing Details

$100 flat fee for the event. $40 (whole beans) to $48 (ground) per participant. Shipping is included within the US, expedited options available for a fee (varies by location). International shipping is also available for an additional fee, usually requires 3+ weeks.

Driftaway Coffee

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