Earth Day Zero Waste Mixology Class

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Rach Green Cocktails Experiences: Earth Day Zero Waste Mixology Class

Charlotte, NC
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Do you enjoy drinking but also want to find ways to reduce waste or make the most of the things you buy for making drinks? Well, check this out!!!!

Sustainability is not just about reducing waste, it's also about optimizing what you have to produce more for you later!!!

In this experience, you will learn how to turn 3 lemons into a gallon of lemonade, how to grow a lemon plant from seed, and learn about sustainability practices you can use in your home bar, all while sipping on something delicious!!

$15 - $35 per person
$500 min

What's Included

This 60 minute Experience runs through a range of activities that encourages and inspires you to limit waste and use ALL of the ingredients and components of the items requested for the class! It is possible to do the workshop without the kit, though it may be difficult to find some of the ingredients and have consistency among everyone participating. You will be able to use some of the packaging for compost, to contribute to the intention of the workshop "Super Citrus" Workshop - How to turn 3 lemons into 2 cocktails and a gallon of lemonade. Spring Fling Cocktail demonstration - 1 cocktail made 2 ways! "Grow yer own" lemon tree workshop - use the lemon seeds and the planter kit to Super Sustainable Virtual Background All Rach Green Cocktails Kits and Experiences Have opportunities to customize: Cocktail Names, color scheme or theme of the recipe cards, logo printed on the internal packaging of ingredients and labels.


The workshop will include a supplies list, with the option to get the kits! Kits are $65 plus shipping ($15) and include: Lemons, Acid Powder Blend, a (reusable) Ziploc, a y-peeler, Grapefruit Cordial, Vodka, Rosemary, a pint-sized mason jar (for shaking cocktail and storing "Super Citrus"), Planter Kit, Recipe cards, Specialty Note

Pricing Details

Sustainability Workshop Ranges in Price depending on the number of attendees! 1-20 people - $35 per person 21-49 people - $25 per person 50+ - $15 per person Kits are extra, but may vary in price if you'd like to increase or decrease servings or components of the kit