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Virtual Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop

Dapper House Menagerie

Dapper House Menagerie: Virtual Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop

Los Angeles, CA
Virtual Arts & Crafts Teambuilding

Learn the basics of macrame and how to make your own plant hanger in 90 minutes with Dapper House Menagerie!

Feeling nostalgic for the 70s? Running out of horizontal surfaces to put your plants on? It's time to get your macrame on with Dapper House Menagerie's Plant Hanger Making workshop!

We can all use a little more fun right now. Our 90-minute workshop is an awesome add-in to birthday parties, showers, happy hours, and every day...


What's Included

In the course of 90 minutes, we will learn the basics of macrame and finish with a plant hanger that hangs roughly 3 feet long. We will walk through how to make each knot and a detailed step-by-step PDF will be provided to follow along with. Kits are sold separately from the workshop and are $20 (including shipping) and can be purchased directly through Dapper House Menagerie.


Workshops are generally capped at 10 to ensure proper attention and assistance to each individual. However, I can accommodate a bigger group, with a longer workshop and an additional fee. Please reach out for more information.

Pricing Details

Workshops are 90 minutes, and $450 for up to 10 people. Kits are sold separately for $20. For groups larger than 10, workshops can be extended to two hours and will cost an additional $450 for up to an additional 10 attendees.

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