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TIKI EXPERTISE masterclass

Mixing Cocktails

Mixing Cocktails: TIKI EXPERTISE masterclass

Malibu, CA
Virtual Mixology Class

Mixing Cocktails’ Virtual TIKI Mixology teaches how to properly make the MAI TAI cocktail, showcases the polarizing history of this classic drink, its misconceptions since the 1950’s, and beyond.

Guests will learn how to :
*Make both types of the elusive Mai Tai, from the original version to the 1950's version made popular in Hawaii.
*Build a secret formula of Tiki syrup created by Donn Beach right here in Hollywood, California in the 1930's.
*Apply the syrup creation to a classic balanced Tiki cocktail form
*Understand the...

$35 - $50 per person

What's Included

Each class includes : * Tricks of the trade : How to make cocktails taste incredible every time * The three fundamentals of building all cocktails * A history of each cocktail and how it relates to modern times *A fun, and informative cocktail making session with colleagues, friends, and Mixing Cocktails Cocktail kits are available for the cost of supplies and shipping. Cheers!


*Cocktail kits for this class (cost of materials & shipping) *Your Brand on Cocktails Shaker, etc. (cost of materials & shipping) * Bar Tools - a suggested shopping list to build a home bar kit. (no fee) * Mixologist’s Choice - the ultimate curated kit of pro bar tools (inquire for rate)

Pricing Details

Mixing Cocktails current rate per student is $35-$50 for a one hour session. I will meet your budget. We offer $35. for a bulk group rate. If you would like cocktail kits, we charge only for the cost of ingredients and shipping. I can email a breakdown of the estimate per person. There is no minimum of participants for this class. *Each participant must show a valid form of ID certifying at least 21 years of age and above.

Mixing Cocktails

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