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Tea Technique: Gaiwan Brewing Workshop

Mansa Tea

Mansa Tea: Tea Technique: Gaiwan Brewing Workshop

Brooklyn, NY
Virtual Tea Tasting

Looking for unique virtual team events? Impress your attendees with an elevated at-home tea brewing experience.

Tea aficionados know that loose leaf tea offers a superior taste to tea brewed from tea bags. Yet many new and long-time tea drinkers are unaware of gaiwan, a simple yet elegant brewing tea set that dates back to the Ming Dynasty.

Enjoy the full potential of high-quality single-origin aged tea by learning to brew using a gaiwan and...

$95 per person

What's Included

Gaiwan Brewing Technique ($80/person): includes an Everyday Porcelain Gaiwan and 1oz of aged tea tea The price of our workshops including tea, US shipping, and a 1-hour workshop. We also ship to non-US countries, and the estimated shipping fee plus pre-paid duties and taxes is $15 to $60 per shipment depending on the package weight, destination, and shipping speed. Pre-paying duties upfront allows international shipments to be delivered door to door and not held at the customs. Once you choose the type of event, we can get more accurate information for you.


Upgrade a Porcelain Gaiwan to a full Gaiwan Tea Set (incl. serving pitcher, strainer, 4 tea cups): $85/person

Pricing Details

The current listed price is for a group of 11-30 attendees. For larger groups, we offer tiered group discounts depending on the group size. Kindly email [email protected] for more details.

Mansa Tea

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