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Live Sketching & Graphic Recording

The Sketch Effect

The Sketch Effect: Live Sketching & Graphic Recording

Atlanta, GA
Virtual Live Sketching

Live Sketching is the wow-factor your virtual event needs! Our artists will join your event, listen to the content in real-time, and sketch out the big ideas. The result? Higher engagement, added differentiation, and great takeaways for attendees.

The process of Virtual Live Sketching with The Sketch Effect is super simple! We've sketched hundreds of events for some of the world's greatest brands...and have worked hard to build a smooth, easy-as-pie process for our clients. Here's how it works:

Before your virtual event, we will have a pre-event discussion to learn about your...

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What's Included

Our single session package is a 1 hour session which includes 1 sketch image deliverable. We have larger scoped packages to account for longer virtual events and/or multi-day events.

Pricing Details

We scope our projects based on the live sketching time. Please reach out to us for a quote!

The Sketch Effect

Live Art, Atlanta, GA

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