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Open Door Tea: Virtual Tea Tasting

Stratford, CT
Virtual Tea Tasting

Open Door Tea is hosting tea time online! Let's sip, taste, and learn about tea health and culture together. We ship all participants tea in advance, and then lead a guided tasting that everyone can experience together.

How it works:
1. Tell us what you're looking for. We can include a variety of different teas, cookies, and tea ware for your participants. We have teas for stress, immune support, as well as black, green, oolong and 100 more teas and tisanes. You can pick what you like or we can recommend some for you.
2. Send us the participant addresses. 2-3 weeks notice is required, so that all participants will receive the tea samples before the scheduled tasting. We can include notes or other items with the package.
3. Virtual tea tasting is hosted by one or two Open Door Tea employees, and can be up to one hour long. During that time we will steep and sip the teas, discuss, and have time for questions.

Instruction and Plan:
The tea tasting is led by Kasia Lindeberg, owner of Open Door Tea, who has decades of experience in nutrition, health, and tea. She is assisted by Jeannie Holst, a long-time employee and tea aficionado. Kasia and Jeannie have led many workshops and classes on a variety of aspects within the world of the tea.

We offer several different class types, all of which can be customized to best suit your audience. You can have a basic tea overview, intermediate tea overview, or select from specific topics like Tea & Health, Tea & Gardening, Tea & Stress Relief, or focus on one tea type: Tulsi, Rooibos, Green, Black, Oolong, Pu-Erh (Fermented), etc.


$24 per person
$250 min

What's Included

The starter Kit includes: - One-Hour Guided Tea Tasting - Three Tea Samples - One Cookie - Disposable Tea Bags - Tea and Wellness Card - Shipping (USA) We also have a premium tea kit ($45/person), and Deluxe Tea Kit ($90/person)


In addition to the tea samples, you can also add the following: - Custom Notes / Items - Steel "Strainer" Tea Infuser - Double Wall Glass Mug with Infuser - Cookies - Honey - Coffee - Chocolate truffles - Customized Tea-ware

Pricing Details

The tasting packages start at $24/person, which are all inclusive of samples, shipping, and the guided event itself.

Open Door Tea

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