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Virtual Private Cheese Tasting Activity

Antonelli's Cheese Shop

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Antonelli's Cheese Shop: Virtual Private Cheese Tasting Activity

Austin, TX
Virtual Cheese Tasting

Instead of isolation, choose connection - through cheese!

Now more than ever we need to rally around each other and seek ways to build up our communities. What better way to do that than with cheese! With your private virtual cheese tasting you will be connected to your group via webcam and our cheesemonger(s) will guide you through a plate of seven delicious cheeses and food pairings. You'll learn about the cheese makers, flavor nuances, and styles of each cheese. Depending on your preference and group size, individuals will be able to interact, ask questions, and see each other in real time. Available for groups of 12 to 100+. Antonelli's Cheese is an award-winning cheese shop in Austin, TX. Owners John and Kendall Antonelli and their team of Certified Cheese Professionals have taught over 7000 individuals virtually in the first 6 months of the pandemic. Join us to escape, celebrate makers, and live our mission: Do Good. Eat Good.


$40 per person

What's Included

7 cheeses, 7 food pairings, crackers

Pricing Details

-$40pp in Austin (with curbside pickup). -$125 shipped in Texas -$165 shipped outside of Texas (both good for 1-4 people) - includes video links of the guided tasting by owners Kendall & John Antonelli -Place 12 orders and get a live tasting guided by an Antonelli's specialty cheesemonger

Antonelli's Cheese Shop

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