The Competitive Posing Game

Pose Party

Pose Party: The Competitive Posing Game

Brighton, United Kingdom
Virtual Photo Booth

Challenge colleagues, friends and family in this fast-paced, unique game where silliness wins.

Pose Party is a hosted experience for groups of all sizes. Players compete with each other to pull the best poses like 'Tiger Roar' or 'Fake Laugh' over a series of rounds, scoring each other and improvising props before the ultimate winner is revealed.

Our hosts will start off by warming everyone up with some silly facial exercises before playing a practice game to get everyone in the mood. Then the real competition begins with players encouraged to improvise props from the objects around them.

The game is easy to access with no app download required and can be configured to suit different themes and event durations.

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What's Included

• Highly engaging and fun hosts • Customise the poses in the game to suit your brand or event • Hosted gallery of all entries supplied after event


• Different levels of branding from light to full white-label

Pricing Details

Pricing is dependent on event size, duration and options selected

Pose Party

Entertainment | Photo Booth, Brighton, United Kingdom