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Treasure Hunt Adventures Team Building: Team Building on Zoom

Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Virtual Team Building Game

As more of us are working remotely, the camaraderie of the workplace is harder. Our time-tested team activities can work perfectly in a virtual setting.

Utilize our team builders:

-For project/department teams
-Over long workdays
-To celebrate milestones

We offer 60-90 minute sessions, broken up within the day, through our Zoom Account or yours. We can adapt to any teleconferencing platform, but ZOOM seems to be the best. We believe that ZOOM’s breakout functions are essential to have participants interact in small and manageable numbers. Our facilitators can drop in and out of all the breakout rooms to assist and to check progress. We can debrief around needed key points for team success.

Pick from:

- Virtual 360° Hunts are based on our successful DaVinci Adventures in over 20 top Art Museums utilizing VR panorama tours of the World’s Best Museums, the Space Shuttle Discovery or even Edinburgh Castle.

- Escape Games usually have a room from which to escape. Ours have virtual locks to open our imaginary door. Puzzles and meta-puzzles await you.

- “Newspaper Headlines” is a winner and always gets high marks as teams of 5-ish create on ZOOM’s whiteboard a frontpage of their imaginary newspaper, always morphing true stories with current events, hit movies, TV shows or sports stories. The “headline” can be about a project, KPI’s, strategy, vision or just plain fun.



Treasure Hunt Adventures Team Building

Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY

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