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Authentic Mini Golf custom designed for 1 hole up to 36 holes with green fairways. The traditional course includes holes with dog legs, elevated fairways, water hazards, sand traps & obstacles such as the Windmill, Loop de Loop & Railroad.

Traditional Mini Golf

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What's Included

Includes the following with each rental: Variety of colorful adult putters in women's & men's sizes Children's putters Regular or Low Bounce Mini Golf Balls Scorecards & Pencils Flags & Flag Holders Each hole is at minimum 3 feet wide by 18 feet long. The traditional course is available in green. Each hole is designed differently and no two holes are the same. Holes include elevated fairways, dog leg left or dog leg right, zig zag terrains, water hazards, sand traps. A variety of traditional obstacles are available such as The Windmill, Loop de Loop, Railroad Crossing, Church & Steel Bridge. Other obstacles are also available such as Toll Booth, Skee Ball, Outhouse, horizontal Loop de Loop, Rail Bridge, Wooden Bridge, Lighthouse & Buoy.


All obstacles can be branded and holes can be designed for certain purposes. Hole in One have been created that were up to 50 feet long and custom courses for long term activations are also available.

Pricing Details

Minimum order is $810.00 plus applicable delivery, location, pickup & staffing fees when chosen. Standard rental is up to (4) hours with delivery 2-3 hours prior to the event start time. Longer term rentals are available of up to 2 months.