Cloak & Dagger - SDCC

June 2018
Tradeshow / Expo Activation
San Diego, CA
From GDX Studios
Freeform and Grandesign partnered to activate at San Diego Comic-Con to garner excitement and promote Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger for four days at The Experience. With the show having just premiered on the network a month before, in June of 2018, this was the perfect stage to captivate both original Cloak & Dagger fanatics and new audiences alike. The activation was two-fold and included a stunt-based amusement (“The Powers Experience”) which recreated the iconic moment when Tyrone and Tandy’s powers interact by fabricating a physical experience where participants are harnessed to a bungee that propels them backwards from the force of their powers. A slow-motion recording captured the moment for each guest in an overlay effect that showed both the light and dark energy emitting from the participants. Fans also had the opportunity for fans to join the team of Roxxon Corp with personalized ID card printing and check-in (“Roxxon Corp”).
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