NBC Hole in 1 Challenge

June 2023
Employee Event
New York, NY
200 - 500 Attendees
From WOW Entertainment Inc.
NBC Universal reached out to WOW Entertainment to create a custom designed mini golf for an employee event. The hole had to go on the 11th floor of Rockefeller Center, had to have length to present a challenge to the staff as well as have an obstacle. Additionally, NBC Universal wanted a success percentage no higher than 10% as the winners were going to be entered into a raffle for exclusive NBC merchandise. After a site inspection was performed, several different versions of a custom hole were created. After some deliberation it was determined that WOW will have the pieces for the custom hole but will also have additional pieces available just in case last minute revisions were necessary. The result was a 33 foot long hole from tee to cup that had two fairways with water and sand on either side that led up to a ramp and into a box. On top of the box was the NBC Peacock logo and the other side of the box had 3 different exit holes so players did not know which way their ball would exit. The custom designed hole in 1 challenge was a huge success with a total of 270 participants and there were 19 individuals who successfully got a hole in 1 for a percentage of 7%.
Event Team
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