TikTok Diverse Creator Tour

October 2022
Mobile Tour
150 - 200 Attendees
From Innovate Marketing Group
After over a year of virtual programming, TikTok's creators are eager to meet each other in person to network, strengthen their relationships amongst themselves and their Community Managers, and capture content for diverse creator community TikTok channels. We hosted 11 events in 6 cities (Atlanta, New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago) at diverse and minority-owned restaurants throughout the nation to bring together #BlackTikTok and #CasaTikTok creators. This was an opportunity for diverse creators with different talents to come together in person for the very first time. The Creators were excited to attend, but also to network and connect with each other. One of the highlights was capturing each city doing the dance challenges. The entire tour had great energy and vibe! We love working with companies that care and partnering with organizations and vendors that truly represent the diversity in our community. DEI is important for companies to embrace as it has been proven to aid in tapping into your employee's potential, to be more motivated and innovative, leading to better ROI. It also shows your team that you care about who they are. Highlighting and embracing underrepresented communities is everyone’s responsibility to help bring in a new age and a new culture that fully embraces the necessity of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. We believe events are not simply just events. They are experiences that help enhance connectivity and bridge cultures.
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