East West Bank's Hispanic Heritage Month

October 2022
Employee Event
Los Angeles, CA
150 - 200 Attendees
From Innovate Marketing Group
This fun, rhythmic, tasty & meaningful #HispanicHeritageMonth celebration event kickstarted a series of events aimed to promote multi-cultural ERG activities as associates of EWB return in person. Employees were able to enjoy traditional Hispanic cuisines, activities such as flower crown making, and entertainment from a Mariachi Band to a Selena impersonator, while learning the history, experiencing the culture, and celebrating Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month. It served as a great opportunity and space for the Hispanic Culture Resource Group Leaders to interact with the wider work community and spread awareness of the group’s existence and mission. We love working with companies that care and partnering with organizations and vendors that truly represent the diversity in our community. DEI is important for companies to embrace as it has been proven to aid in tapping into your employee's potential, to be more motivated and innovative, leading to better ROI. It also shows your team that you care about who they are. Highlighting and embracing underrepresented communities is everyone’s responsibility to help bring in a new age and a new culture that fully embraces the necessity of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. We believe events are not simply just events. They are experiences that help enhance connectively and bridging cultures.
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