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HCLS Otherworldly Evening in the Stacks

February 2019
Columbia, MD
500 - 1,000 Attendees
From Innovative Party Planners
Over 560 guests received a special access badge and were welcomed into Area 51 at the Otherworldly Evening in the Stacks at the East Columbia Branch of the Howard County Library System. Visitors were greeted with signs warning of alien sightings, restricted access and possible abductions. Upon entering the lobby, they navigated through haze and laser beams to be greeted by 12-foot tall aliens and friendly librarian staff. There were huge smiles and laughter when the guests spotted the spaceship, the alien autopsy room and the living alien table dancing on the dance floor. The atmosphere was only enhanced by strategic lighting, scattered beakers filled with mysterious colored liquids and staff who participated in setting the scene. The event included fun video arcade games, a jumbo alien version of a childhood favorite, ‘Operation Game’ and the opportunity to get their face or a limb painted. The creative event raised more than $111,000 in support of the Howard County Library System’s educational initiatives. Aside from being a member of the Howard County Library System, this venue was perfect thanks to its innovative design, virtual reality studio, science lab and modern feel. The sponsors of the event were incorporated into the event on UFO-themed graphics visible throughout the mingling space. It was a pleasure to work with the Howard County Library System for the third consecutive year to create such a special and supernatural event!
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HCLS East Columbia Branch
Columbia, MD
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