Adobe Designers NYC Outdoor Offsite

June 2022
Conference / Summit
New York, NY
Under 25 Attendees
From 28Muses
The Adobe 3D designer team gathered in NYC from all over the world. 28Muses facilitated 3 creative sessions: 1. Suminagashi in Bryant Park - Japanese ink marbling and printing on coasters 2. Pinhole Photography in Times Square - taking shots with a paper camera (outdoors) and developing instantly with ground coffee in a dark closet (indoors) 3. Stop Motion Animation in Times Square - playing short animation videos with clay and other figures The team got to meet in person for the first time since the pandemic, and the 28Muses sessions were an amazing way for the team to get to know each other at a personal and creative level. "Our entire team had such a great time. As a team of mostly artists, this was a perfect fit for us, and was definitely a highlight of our time together. Thank you for curating such an amazing group of activities for us to enjoy during our team sync in NY. It was all so fun and informative." - Brent Armstrong, Producer of 3D Art & Development, Adobe
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Times Square, Manhattan
New York, NY
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