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Etsy Suminagashi + Sake (Virtual)

December 2021
Virtual Event
50 - 100 Attendees
From 28Muses
Suminagashi, Japanese for “floating ink”, is a traditional art form from the 12th century that reveals the mesmerizing, ever-changing nature of water. We created floating pieces of art on the surface of the water and captured the swirling, ever-morphing moments as prints. Participants gained a new understanding of fluid dynamics as we incorporate natural forces, such as breath and vibration, into our art to create visual harmony. At the end of the experience, guests walk away with a greater sense of natural artistic abilities, a renewed sense of wonder and creativity, and a Sumi kit for de-stressing that will last for years! This experience will allow you to feel more present at the moment, creatively recharge, and gain a newfound sense of wonder. 28Muses suminagashi kits are mailed to each participant in advance including ink, surfactant, trays, Japanese paper, and brushes. Sake optional.
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