OPS Stars

May 2019
Employee Event
San Francisco, CA
150 - 200 Attendees
From BLARE Media, LLC
LeanData is a a high-tech B2B company in Silicon Valley helping its clients turn leads into revenue on the Salesforce platform. We got started with LeanData doing two versions of the “event plus testimonials” production style using 3-person crews wearing multiple hats each. Our first outing was in downtown San Francisco at a private club where LeanData was holding events surrounding Dreamforce – Salesforce’s massive yearly event. We shot a stylish event video full of casual onsite soundbites from the internal team and customers alike. Anyone could watch this video and get a sense of the company, its culture, and its customers. And with so many of LeanData’s customers in one location, we also ran a quiet interview setup next door where we did focused client testimonials that zero in on specifics and expert functionality that speak directly to potential LeanData clientele. We were able to generate dozens of small testimonials alongside the main event video. All this content helped LeanData increase sales and customer engagement.
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