Annual Fundraiser

February 2019
Boston, MA
From Corinthian Events
With the event being The Annual Fundraiser, the overall goal of this event was twofold: to raise as much money as possible and to celebrate the anniversary of the organization. Our goal with this event was to encourage the guests’ philanthropy by ensuring that they were enjoying their support of the nonprofit. To accomplish this, we set out to tie the event’s theme to the mission of the organization, and we did so by building the night around a Superhero theme where all of the guests could dress up as superheroes or as supervillains. We knew the guests would do their part by dressing up in costume, so we focused on bringing the space to life with floor to ceiling decoration including enormous eye-catching fixtures suspended from the ceiling, recognizable city elements ranging from a subway station to a news stand, green neon lights and even a “city streets” feel, with aluminum trash cans, boxes, chain-link fence… a true Gotham City atmosphere.
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