Private Club Event for Blake Street

September 2020
Virtual Event
Under 25 Attendees
From Five Senses Tastings
Blake Street House is a members club based in Bentonville, AR. BlakeSt embodies some lofty principles and big goals: to be well rested, well fed, and well informed. To disconnect from work. To consider differing views. To pour a great cocktail. To both hear a great album and have the quiet space to meditate. To improve our backstroke… or maybe just get that first chin-up. It is ambitious — anything worth doing usually is. It’s also simple: we support you, and your neighbor, in the pursuit of a personal best. Blake Street approached Five Senses Tastings to curate an event that would bring their core values of Personal Best (good health, clarity of mind, and a degree of camaraderie are foundational human needs), Community (there are few roofs in our culture that shelter thinkers, athletes, artists, and mothers who just need a moment to themselves), and the Greater Good (be it spinning a record or spinning a yarn over lunch, co-mingled events and chance encounters often lead to new ideas, seeding the potential for positive change) to life for their members as they started a new "semester" at the end of the summer and beginning of autumn.
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