MISI's Imagine

November 2019
Columbia, MD
100 - 150 Attendees
From RJ Whyte Event Production
When we first walked through the DreamPort conference room in September we knew that we had our work cut out for us. In one way it was nice because it truly was a blank space, but it was also going to require a complete overhaul. The client wanted a bespoke, European salon style experience for his guests. What immediately came to mind was the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London. The hotel’s bar and lobby were the perfect inspiration for this event. Both are intimate spaces full of dark wood, red and black velvet furniture and gold fixtures. In addition, throughout the bar there are beautiful trees that create a canopy for guests to sit under. To accomplish this vision, we brought in the help of our amazing vendor team: Ridgewells Catering, Philippa Tarrant, Syzygy, Plants Alive and Digital Lightning. Syzygy piped and draped the entire space with grey velvet, Digital Lightning provided pin spots and spotlights throughout the space that allowed us to turn off the harsh fluorescent lighting in the room, Plants Alive supplied the trees that would create our canopy, and Philippa’s team decked out our 4 King’s Tables with candles. Ridgewells was instrumental in providing a Chef’s Experience for the guests with Chef Kashif Browne coming out in between courses to discuss his inspiration behind each dish.
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