May 2016
Conference / Summit
Vancouver, Canada
500 - 1,000 Attendees
From Politik
The hyper-acceleration of innovation over the last 30 years has seen technology move from the narrow confines of the largest governments and corporations, to become an integral part of all aspects of human endeavour, across its various manifestations in individual interactions, economic organization and social structures. This miracle, however, is tempered with an unwritten requirement that participation in modern society requires the voluntary yet uninformed relinquishment of privacy and that the vast majority of humanity are passive consumers of new truths controlled by the very people who control access to the technologies. Can we restore access to and control over technology back to the people it was designed to serve, or will innovation remain an amoral force without an ethical core; subject to the imagination of the cabalistic technocracy who design, control and prosper from it?
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Greater London, United Kingdom
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