The Big One-Bloomingdales Valley Fair

March 2020
Opening Party
Santa Clara, CA
500 - 1,000 Attendees
From WOW Entertainment Inc.
The Big One was to celebrate the expansion of Westfield Valley Fair Mall with a new Bloomingdales. Three floors of luxury shopping was previewed to a VIP guest list before opening to the general public. The Big One event was a county fair themed preview party. WOW Entertainment provided several branded arcade game rentals including Hoop Fever branded for Hugo Boss, Skeeball branded for Michael Kors, a Claw Machine & Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine branded for Bloomingdales, and a Whac A Mole arcade game braned for Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine branded for Barbour. WOW performed a site inspection several weeks prior to the preview party and gleaned from that site inspection that certain branding elements would have to be added. For instance the top of the claw machine was to be placed near the escalator so guests riding down the escalator from the higher level would be seeing the top of the machine.
Venue map
Bloomingdales Valley Fair
Santa Clara, CA
Event Team
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