April 2020
Tradeshow / Expo Activation
Los Angeles, CA
From Crew Events
THE GOAL: To seamlessly integrate with the ZipRecruiter marketing team in order to develop and execute a multi-tiered event marketing strategy THE EXECUTION: Crew worked as part of ZipRecruiter’s marketing team to create and implement custom event templates, develop an ROI tracking strategy using SalesForce, produce and fabricate new trade show booth branding elements , and manage a $2M annual event marketing budget. THE RESULTS: + Reduced event spending by $500,000 in the first year working with ZipRecruiter, while simultaneously elevating the brand’s presence at events + Streamlined the event production, budgeting and reporting processes + Created strong brand awareness for ZipRecruiter clients + Netted a CPO of almost $1,000 less than the projected CPO, across 33 conferences and events
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors