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Verizon Media | The MAKERS Conference

February 2020
Conference / Summit
Los Angeles, CA
From CSM Sport & Entertainment
The MAKERS Conference is a global leadership event that brings together more than 600 of the most powerful names in business, entertainment, tech and finance, virtually and in-person, to explore ways to accelerate women’s equality. We streamed this three-day experience live on Yahoo, providing inspiration that moves people to action via provocative conversations, compelling storytelling and onstage pledges to advance change. Results: 600+ attendees 7 sessions, 44 segments, 69 speakers 11 hours of live content 36.3M video views overall, 25.5M from social 30 media attendees & 150+ stories published Live stream on Yahoo Partnership support from Verizon, P&G, PwC, Facebook and Lululemon Coverage included NYT, Glamour, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, CNN, The Athletic and more Ecosystem coverage on site from Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Lifestyle, In the Know and RYOT Studio
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors