Frida Mom Press Preview

September 2019
Product Launch
New York, NY
From Crush Studio
It's a Mom! With the launch of Fridababy’s postpartum recovery product line, Frida Mom, vaginas became the topic of conversation. While Frida Mom aims to provide a space in the marketplace for recovery products such as ice maxi pads and undeniably soft mesh underwear, we designed a space that would bring press right into the belly of the beast, aka the moments where mothers have to care for themselves in between caring for a newborn — the hospital room and the bathroom. We created an immersive experience where press was invited into the Waiting Womb with a birth announcement that revealed the size of their newborn and just what those pounds and ounces did to their vagina (hint: we’re talking tearing and hemorrhoids). Press was then led through the hospital and bathroom vignettes where Chelsea Hirschhorn, CEO of Fridababy, led them through the birthing experience and showcased how each product in the line helps to soothe and recover from that experience. Takeaways included an ice cold popsicle from the Padsicle truck and a decadent Vaginacake — happy birthing!
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