Oracle Open World

October 2019
Conference / Summit
San Francisco, CA
20,000+ Attendees
From Echelon Design
Oracle OpenWorld, one of the tech industry's most important conferences for the past 20 years, hosts tens of thousands of in-person attendees as well as millions online. Accenture wanted to demonstrate how organizations can lead in the NEW—by rethinking every aspect of the business and applying intelligence to fuel growth. In order to reinforce this message, Accenture wanted to use the metaphor of music—how every great piece of music is a unique mix of the right notes played at the right time. Like a great business, it requires expertise, collaboration and improvisation. Accenture wanted this concept to be apparent throughout the environment, live presentations and virtual demos in order to showcase how they are helping clients orchestrate intelligent enterprise with their proprietary solution, myConcerto. As a result, Meeting rooms were constructed out of clear plexiglass, and the main attraction—the presentation theater—sported swooping curved walls that dipped downward to allow for the proper sightline clearance. The meeting rooms maintained a more linear style as a mild throwback to the client’s otherwise more angular branding, although they too featured a height dip to complement the theater. The result was a gorgeous concerto, with the activation according to the client, “resembling a musical composition; flowing and functional like a Frank Gehry design.”
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors