Best Friends Pet Hotel

August 2019
PR Event
Houston, TX
1,000 - 5,000 Attendees
From Dennehy Public Relations
On National Dog Day, Best Friends Pet Hotels offered treats and ice cream to four-legged guests. To keep your dog happy and healthy every day, here are tips for improving your pet’s quality of life: We all know the importance of ensuring our pets' good health, but happiness is just as important. A dog who is unhappy, bored or anxious can adopt destructive behaviors like chewing your shoes, barking excessively, or digging, while cats may turn your carpet into their litter box or scratch your furniture. By improving your pet's quality of life, you can improve your quality of life with these tips: • In the wild, cats and dogs keep stimulated by activities like hunting. Engage your pets in activities and provide plenty of toys. • Physical activity (30 mins/day minimum) expends energy, especially dogs bred for hunting, retrieving and shepherding. Parks and trails provide stimulation and new smells galore. • Your pets need companionship, whether it's from you, a family member or another pet. Dogs are pack animals and even solitary cats need companionship. • Give freedom of choice which bush to sniff or litter box to use. • Provide a positive outlet to instinctual behaviors with a scratching post or chew toys. As a responsible pet owner, the ball is in your court to ensure your pet's physical and mental health. For more information about pet daycare or overnight boarding, visit your local Best Friends Pet Hotel or online at
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