Quantal Quilt - Experiential Activation in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | The Vendry

Quantal Quilt

May 2018
Experiential Activation
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
5,000 - 20,000 Attendees
From Hfour Studio
Hfour was invited to exhibit works at Barbarella, a festival in the Dominican Republic sponsored by Presidente. The producers wanted to engage attendees in a unique way, adding to the stadium experience with an art zone. We decided to create a larger version of our projection mapped sculpture, the Quantal Quilt, as well as showcase the Generate Videobooth. Barbarella’s theme in 2018 was related t
Estadio Olímpico Félix Sánchez
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Event Team
Agencies & Vendors
  • Installation Art
    Hfour Studio
    Vancouver, Canada
  • Planning & Production
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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