Mark Stewart - President & Chief Innovation Officer at wonderMakr | The Vendry


Hi I'm Mark Stewart, President & Chief Innovation Officer at wonderMakr. I have the privilege of leading a team of smart, calculated and passionate technologists, developers, producers and makers, whose experience affords them an appreciation of our clients challenges and a keen understanding of how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. I also get to collaborate with some of the world’s top brands, agencies and like-minded leaders who refuse to settle for mediocre and want to collaborate on the future of innovative interactive experiences.

I’m a big believer in making connections, with technology certainly, but also with other humans. That’s what my work affords me now, the ability to strategically connect disparate technologies and work alongside clever future-forward thinkers, while building a business that connects with my heart and my passion. I was recently named one of BizBash’s 25 Most Innovative People in Events, and I'm humbled and darn proud to have collaborated with awesome brands like Air Canada, IKEA, Disney, Dyson, Mattel, Benefit Cosmetics, Canadian Tire, General Motors, Nike, Nissan, Twitter and many more.