Caroline Kay - CEO at C. KAY International | The Vendry


Caroline Kay is a conference and event planning mastermind with boundless creativity and more than 20 years of business and event management experience. She's recognized for thoroughly understanding the business needs of her clients and producing events that meet those demands. Her globe-spanning events are meticulously managed and engineered with ingenuity, with a constant eye to ROI for her clients.

Her event management prowess stems from her business acumen and track record of success in startup and large enterprise environments in the U.S and U.K. In serving clients, she brings strong leadership and consulting skills together with extensive experience in business development, operations, account management, human resources and communications.

Experience highlights:
— Designed and delivered more than 2,500 events, from VIP private parties to International Corporate Events with 1,200+ attendees
— Clients have included British Telecommunications, HP, Microsoft, American Express and Compaq for events throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East
— Launched and successfully grew the North America presence for a UK-based global consulting firm
— Grew revenues for an early stage leadership service business from $500K to $5M in 3 years