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About Virtual Arts & Crafts Classes

From calligraphy workshops to drawing and painting classes, virtual arts & crafts classes allow attendees to get creative and possibly learn a new skill as a group with the help of an instructor via a video conferencing platform like Zoom. Some workshops provide the necessary supplies, along with...

Virtual Arts & Crafts Classes Tips & Tricks

Best Practices
Most virtual arts & crafts classes don’t require any prior art knowledge or expertise, and most are geared toward beginners. Consider turning the crafting class into a charitable activity such as creating handcrafted greeting cards and sending them to first responders, healthcare workers, etc. As a team building option, some vendors are able to produce one giant work of art from the participants’ smaller works. The individual pieces are uploaded to create a mural or mosaic in real time.
Other Tips & Tricks
Some art institutions such as the Guggenheim Museum offer virtual art classes that are open to the public. Virtual arts & crafts classes work well for team building, client appreciation, employee engagement, influencer events, and product launches. For painting classes, the vendor may allow you to choose the subject being painted such as a company logo.

Virtual Arts & Crafts Classes FAQs

  • A: Depending on the type of class, the vendor typically ships the necessary materials, such as paints, brushes, and a canvas for a painting class, to the attendees before the event. During the class, the instructor will usually give an introduction and then guide the attendees through the process step by step, sometimes presenting by using two cameras, so that participants can see both their hands (if applicable) and face throughout the event. For live-streamed classes, attendees can also ask questions via the platform’s chat function or by speaking directly to the instructor.
  • A: You can browse a selection of class offerings in our directory that teach a range of artistic skills such as lettering and calligraphy, flower arranging, fabric dyeing, watercolor painting and drawing, soap and candle making, and more.
  • A: Classes start around $20 per person and can go up to $75+ per person, depending on the type of class and the materials that are supplied. Some studios charge a flat fee to cover a certain number of participants.
  • A: Yes. Typically, the vendor will ship the materials, along with reference guides, to the attendees ahead of the event. Participants usually receive a list of materials that are included with the class, along with a list of tools that aren’t provided such as mixing bowls or jewelry-making tools. Instructors can recommend where to purchase the tools or they can be added on for an additional fee. Some vendors offer both domestic and international shipping. Keep in mind that extra lead time will be needed to ensure the materials arrive on time to international attendees.
  • A: Classes should be booked at least 1-2 weeks in advance to allow time for shipping of materials.
  • A: In order to encourage interaction and allow attendees to ask questions, the smaller the group, the better. Although many vendors can accommodate groups of more than 300 participants via Zoom. View-only webinar classes that don’t offer the ability to ask questions are better suited for larger groups of 50 to 100+ participants.
  • A: Virtual arts & crafts classes typically last 60 to 90 minutes.
  • A: Professional artists and craftspeople such as a calligrapher or jewelry maker or trained art educators usually host and teach virtual arts & crafts classes.
  • A: Virtual arts & crafts classes promote team building, helping to boost morale, alleviate stress, foster creativity and creative problem-solving, encourage originality, and strengthen work relationships. Plus, it’s a relaxed, fun way to bond with remote team members that isn’t awkward or forced interaction.
  • A: Both. For team building purposes, virtual arts & crafts classes are usually live streamed to allow participants to interact with the teacher and each other. Attendees can react and ask questions and post comments in the chat feature. Pre-recorded video classes can be incorporated into larger events such as conferences. There is no interactivity with the teacher, but the videos can be customized with branded graphics and scripted copy that’s specific to the event. This is a good option for international audiences who might not be able to tune in at the same time.