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About Virtual Wine Tastings

Instead of visiting a vineyard for an in-person tasting, a virtual wine tasting allows at-home attendees to sample wines while an industry expert or sommelier guides the group through the experience. Presented via a video conferencing platform like Zoom, virtual wine tastings typically include an...

Virtual Wine Tastings Tips & Tricks

Best Practices
In addition to turn-key offerings, some wine shops and vineyards will design a customized tasting based on the group’s preferences. Don’t worry about tailoring the event to accommodate every guest’s level of wine expertise. Although advanced virtual wine tastings are available, most events will include information that’s interesting to even the most experienced attendees. Virtual wine tastings can also include tips on how to open a bottle, how to decant wine, and how to store it, as well as advice on glassware. Sommeliers usually select wines that are from different geographies and showcase various production styles. They might also focus on one varietal. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot are examples of varietal wines.
Other Tips & Tricks
Following the testing, you can test attendees’ wine knowledge with a trivia contest and award prizes. Or simply schedule extra time for networking and socializing. Remember: All participants must be 21 or over. Experts usually recommend that attendees taste using wine glasses with stems as opposed to stemless glasses since the wine can warm up from the heat of your hand. Some vendors also offer blind tastings where each wine bottle is concealed. Guests then describe the wines and try to guess the varietal. Consider offering a prize to the attendees who guess correctly.

Virtual Wine Tastings FAQs

  • A: During a virtual wine tasting, an expert or sommelier guides a group through a selection of wines, via a video conferencing platform like Zoom, allowing attendees to sample and learn about the wines from home. Usually, the bottles of wine are shipped directly to the participants, along with any food pairings and accessories, or the vendor will provide attendees with a list of wines to buy before the event. Virtual wine tastings are offered through vineyards, independent wine experts, and wine shops.
  • A: With some virtual wine tastings, participants only need to pay for the wines, making the class essentially free. Some vendors do require a minimum order for a virtual tasting event to be complimentary. But most corporate and group options are offered according to tiered pricing packages that include the tasting, wine, and any extras like wine openers and snacks. Pricing typically starts around $80 per person and goes up to $400+ per person, depending on the quality of wine being sampled, the accoutrements that are included, and the shipping costs. For example, high-end food pairings and a Coravin system will add on to the cost considerably.
  • A: Groups typically range in size from five to 30-plus, with the ideal size being around 10-20 guests in order to allow for easy interaction and engagement among all participants. Of course, some vendors can accommodate much larger groups, which can be divided into smaller breakout groups.
  • A: Companies generally ask for virtual wine tastings to be booked two to three weeks ahead of time, with a 10-day cutoff for RSVPs so that the wines can reach the attendees in enough time. Also, remember to allow time for attendees to purchase the wines on their own, if they’re not being shipped directly to them.
  • A: The duration of a virtual wine tasting can depend on how many wines are being sampled. For example, a 30-minute tasting can cover three bottles, while a 60-minute event, four. In general, tastings last about 45 minutes, but can run longer if extra time for post-event networking and socializing is included.
  • A: Virtual wine tastings are usually hosted by a sommelier, wine ambassador, or mixologist, and possibly in conjunction with a spirits brand or winery.
  • A: Maybe. Depending on the vendor, the wines may be sent directly to the participants, or attendees will need to purchase the wines on their own, perhaps through a designated supplier where the cost is covered or out of pocket. Shipping is usually included in the price of the virtual wine tasting package. Also, some states have recently loosened their restrictions on shipping alcohol, making it easier for vendors to shop products for virtual tastings.
  • A: Virtual wine tastings typically include three or four wines, whereas an in-person event might feature four or five wines. That’s because for at-home tastings, participants receive full-size bottles as opposed to on-site tastings where they would only be given a partial glass of each wine. Also, the amount of wine also depends on the number of guests, the duration of the event, the budget, and the rest of the event programming.
  • A: Yes. Most vendors offer the option to add on snacks and food pairings to a virtual wine tasting for an additional fee. You can also provide attendees with a list of recommended food items that they can purchase themselves. Cheese, charcuterie, mustards, jams, goat cheese, olives, and crackers are common snack choices. But food pairings can also be chosen based on the wines that are being sampled. For example, smoked salmon on toast points works with sparkling wine; Pinot Noir goes with stone fruits and cured meats; and dessert wine and chocolate are a match.
  • A: Yes. Because it’s a virtual event, attendees from outside the U.S. can join. But remember to take into consideration the different time zones when selecting a date and time. Also, depending on how and from where the wines are being shipped, global attendees may need to purchase the wines on their own from a local supplier, although some U.S. vendors can arrange shipment for you through providers who service Canada and Europe.