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About Virtual Whiskey Tastings

A virtual whiskey tasting lets attendees learn more about whiskey, how it’s produced, and other interesting facts—all from the comfort of their homes. Hosts explain how to nose, taste, and evaluate whiskey like a pro as the attendees try a selection of products. Tastings can usually be customized to...

Virtual Whiskey Tastings Tips & Tricks

Best Practices
Virtual whiskey tastings can focus on a specific region such as Scotland or Ireland and explore the history of the local distilleries and the whiskies they produce. “Bring your own” virtual whiskey tastings require attendees to supply their own whiskey, and are typically less expensive than tastings that provide the samples. Some vendors are able to provide customized tasting kits that feature a corporate logo and branding. The different types of whiskey include Irish, Scotch, Japanese, Canadian, bourbon, Tennessee, rye, blended, and single malt.
Other Tips & Tricks
In addition to the tasting, some companies also demonstrate how to create cocktails using different types of whiskey. Attendees don’t need special glasses to taste the whiskey. White wine glasses work or anything with a slight tulip shape. Tastings usually progress from the lightest whiskey to the richest or most heavily flavored. Keep in mind that the lighter the color does not necessarily mean the lighter the flavor. Whiskey vs. whisky: Irish- and American-made whiskeys use the “e” in the spelling of whiskey, while the Scots and distillers in Canada and Japan do not.

Virtual Whiskey Tastings FAQs

  • A: Led by an expert steward or ambassador, a typical virtual whiskey tasting guides attendees through the history of whiskey, the distilling process, and a tasting of usually three to five whiskeys, explaining the history, tradition, culture, and flavor profile of each one. During the tasting portion, attendees learn how to drink whiskey like a master distiller including how to detect flavor nuances. Attendees are shipped a set of samples and possibly food pairings before the event. Sample sizes can range from 10 to 50 mL to 200 and 500 mL bottles.
  • A: Cost will usually depend on the number and size of samples and the selection of whiskeys. Virtual tastings can be priced per person or by a flat fee for a certain number of participants. Average pricing starts around $100 per guest, plus shipping costs. Custom glassware and food pairings are sometimes available for an additional fee.
  • A: Many vendors can accommodate private virtual tastings of 100 guests or more. In order to allow all attendees to participate and ask questions, the ideal group size is between 10 and 20 people.
  • A: Most vendors require booking at least one week in advance to ensure the whiskey arrives in time for the event. Typically, the samples are sent as a batch seven to 10 days in advance. Some distilleries require booking three weeks in advance to account for shipping delays.
  • A: Generally, virtual whiskey tastings last an hour to 90 minutes, depending on the number of whiskies that are being sampled and taking into account audience questions.
  • A: An expert steward, brand ambassador, whiskey sommelier, or the head distiller and blender of a distillery usually led virtual tastings.
  • A: A virtual tasting can feature up to six whiskeys in sample sizes that range from 10 to 50 mL to 200 mL and larger.
  • A: Yes. Most vendors and distilleries will ship the set of samples, along with tasting note cards and any accoutrements such as custom glassware and food pairings. Shipping costs are usually included in the price of the tasting, although there may be a fee for expedited shipping. Typically, attendees need to be over 21 years of age to accept the delivery. “Bring your own” virtual whiskey tastings require attendees to supply their own whiskey.
  • A: Yes. Vendors do offer food pairings such as cheese and chocolate for an additional fee. Some food packages can be customized to complement the tasting experience and to fit any dietary restrictions. Also vendors can also offer recommendations for food pairings, which attendees can then purchase on their own.
  • A: Many international distilleries host virtual whiskey tastings and are able to ship globally. Not all vendors in the U.S. are able to ship nationwide and/or internationally. Be sure to confirm with the vendor before booking.