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About Virtual Photo Booths

A virtual photo booth lets at-home attendees engage and connect with others during a digital event. Virtual photo booths can be browser based and can work with or without an app, or they can connect to a customized Instagram filter, for example. Like traditional in-person photo booths, the virtual...

Virtual Photo Booths Tips & Tricks

Best Practices
Depending on the vendor, a virtual photo booth can be a stand-alone microsite or it can be integrated into a virtual event platform. Some virtual booths require users to download a proprietary app. Instead of designing your own, some companies offer preset themes for virtual photo booths. Camera shy? Attendees can upload a favorite selfie instead of snapping a real-time pic of themselves. Be sure to promote the virtual photo booth before and during the event, and make it easily accessible for attendees to find. Also, consider marketing your event by asking staff, speakers, and presenters to snap a photo and include a call to action such as “join me” with a R.S.V.P. link in the lead-up to the event.
Other Tips & Tricks
Some companies use AI to remove the background from attendees’ photos and replace it with a customized visual. Digital stickers can serve as an alternative to IRL props. Just like you might sport a pair of fancy glasses, users can place custom stickers onto their photos to personalize them. Most services allow you to collect email addresses and other user data through a virtual booth. Ask your vendor if the photos can be printed and sent to guests after the event. Working remotely? Update your company headshots using a virtual photo booth service.

Virtual Photo Booths FAQs

  • A: A virtual photo booth can be incorporated into an online event, allowing attendees to capture the experience and share to social media, just as they would using an in-person booth. The online photo booth technology is activated by clicking a link, scanning a QR code, or is embedded directly into the event’s website. Attendees can usually snap digital images or create GIFs and Boomerangs using a virtual photo booth. The images can then be used to compile a digital mosaic or can be displayed as part of a live feed on the event website. Similar to in-person booths, the virtual version can be customized to match the event’s branding and graphics.
  • A: Pricing for virtual photo booths can be based on an hourly rate or a flat fee for an entire event. Fees start around $350 and go up to $7,500+, depending on the customization and the level of technology. Some photo booth companies also offer monthly subscriptions for clients who host events on a regular basis or who are running an ongoing marketing campaign.
  • A: The client usually has access to an online gallery of event photos for a certain amount of days after the event. Some vendors implement security measures, so that unauthorized users can’t access the online gallery. Companies might also provide a file of the photos for download. Typically, attendees can instantly download their photos or the images can be sent to the attendees via text message or email.
  • A: If you plan to customize the virtual photo booth experience, you should book the service one to two weeks before your event.
  • A: Attendees can access the virtual photo booth directly through the event website, via a special link, through a QR code, or they may need to download an app to use the virtual booth.
  • A: You can “rent” access to a virtual photo booth starting with a couple of hours up to 30 days or more, depending on the service.
  • A: Most virtual photo booths are designed to be user friendly and don’t require live support.
  • A: Yes. Similar to IRL photo booths, images generated by a virtual photo booth can feature a custom overlay, frame, or border, as well as virtual backgrounds, custom stickers, sponsored branding, and filters.
  • A: A virtual photo booth can serve as an easy engagement tool for brands for online experiential marketing campaigns and events. Users and attendees can post their photos directly to social media, engaging with a virtual experience in the same way they would at a live, in-person event. Plus, the photos can be displayed as a part of a live feed, helping the attendees to feel connected to others at the event. Plus, some companies allow attendees to virtually pose with other attendees by “adding a friend” to their photos.
  • A: A virtual photo booth lives online and is accessible via a unique URL and QR code or through an app. A portable photo booth includes physical equipment such as a touchscreen and backdrop and is set up at in-person events or venue spaces.