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Virtual curated chocolate tasting

TeamBonding - Like Team Building, Only Better!

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TeamBonding - Like Team Building, Only Better!: Virtual curated chocolate tasting

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Virtual Chocolate Tasting

Virtual curated chocolate tasting

Described as the most delicious bonding experience possible, chocolate tasting is a great way to connect with your team, educate them in a fun and delicious way, and taste the most amazing chocolate bars or truffles in the world, really!

Chocolate Tasting with Truffles

In Truffle Tasting, you’ll see and learn behind the scenes experiences of a working chocolate maker and retailer. You’ll get a chocolate tasting kit that includes squares of white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, a cacao bean, chocolate nibs, cocoa butter, and 4 of the most amazing truffles that you will ever see and taste. Learn from David & Pam, husband and wife chocolate makers and if you’re lucky, you might even see their chocolate enrobing machines (Lucy and Ethel) making chocolate during your session.

Chocolate Tasting – Chocolate 101 you’ll get your chocolate tasting kit at home & be a part of an interactive live chocolate tasting session on Zoom with our chocolate expert. Learn to taste chocolate & eat your way through an extensive guided chocolate tasting.


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