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Amazing CyberSpace Race

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Feet First Eventertainment: Amazing CyberSpace Race

Multiple Locations
Virtual Team Building Game

The Amazing Cyberspace Race gives your group an opportunity to bond with one another as you explore famous cities & landmarks around the world, using Zoom and the street view feature of Google Maps!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to compete in a race that takes you around the world? Our virtual Amazing Race may be the answer you are looking for!

Using the Zoom Platform, your teams receive a series of clues telling you the various countries you will be visiting.

Using Google Maps, the teams explore famous cities & landmarks, all while answering questions about the places you visit.

And remember, it's a race! The first team to complete the challenges in each location and check back in with our host will earn the most points.

But teams will have to decide: do you simply finish first, or go for the BONUS challenges that may take longer, but score more points if you can complete them?

Either way, your group is sure to have a great time exploring famous landmarks around the world in our Virtual Amazing Cyberspace Race!


$1,000 - $1,600

Pricing Details

Up to 20 People: $1,000.00 21 to 30 People: $1,150.00 31 to 40 People: $1,300.00 41 to 50 People: $1,450.00 51 to 64 People: $1,600.00 65+ People: $25 per person